↳ Case Studies

A series of independent and open case studies conducted by Public–Source and hosted through Bottom Line. Each case study will be linked to a topic or reading list, viewable and easy to access, we believe that our research should be open to all. Our case studies are also open to the public to get involved or expand upon initial research in anyway that they want. Each case study will form part of a series of publications released and designed by Public–Source.

↳ 0.1 Case Study || 23 Years in Cyberspace || In Collaboration with Embassy of Internet

This case study seeks to explore the everyday use of the internet by looking back to look forwards, examining the issues that surround our use of the internet today, the worries we have for the future and how, if possible, we can change the future of the internet. This particular case study will take a long form approach and was started in collaboration with Embassy of Internet, our lead researcher for this project, and acting Ambassador of Internet is James Wrigley of Public–Source.